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In my day job, we work with Java and Go based microservices. All these microservices interact with each other either via REST end points or Kafka updates. Regardless of the medium of interaction, the format of exchanging data is JSON!

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. Initially a part of Javascript standard, it has now become a norm for transporting data over a network because of its small footprint as compared to its rival XML!

This is how a sample JSON object looks like -

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Recently, in a virtual career event at Cisco, I got a chance to hear some great leaders talk about the role continuous learning has had in their careers and how they make sure to always be learning.

As no two career journey’s are identical, there were some really diverse stories and brilliant words of wisdom.

This blog post, however, is not to share my takeaways from that session. It’s rather my take on integrating continuous learning in an engineer’s journey.

What is Continuous Learning?

Continuous learning has had various names including lifelong learning, constant learning, etc. To me, it is just a self-motivated way…

March 2013, I had recently moved to Gurgaon for a new job and was staying in a Paying guest house. This PG had a shared Airtel broadband connection provided by the owner. Those days, broadband connections would have a per month high-speed bandwidth limit and you could buy extra high-speed data called SmartBytes.

In a shared connection, it was crucial to know how much high-speed data was consumed / available so that I can finish all binge-watching on time :).

I created InternetUsage android app to do exactly that!

Here are a few things I learned by creating, marketing, supporting…

Design thinking!

Apart from my regular job, I love to work on small projects on weekends. Mainly to learn a new technology or scratch my own itch or both!

The problem with solving for yourself is that you are almost always biased on what new features gets priority in the product and how they should be implemented. There is a lack of diverse thought that brings in a holistic perspective to problem-solving.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. Even an Indie hacker can use various techniques towards problem solving and thus product development.

Lets get some context

I have to work with a lot…

Sourabh Soni

Software Engineer, creating

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